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Senior Sitting Information

Please review our sitting options below and then schedule your appointment. We look forward to serving you! All senior sessions require prepayment of your sitting fee and will be taken on Mondays or Saturday afternoons. Orders placed at time of sitting will receive 20% discount for limited time offer.  

Here are the sitting selections:

Professional Standard Sitting $30 “most popular” includes 5-6 traditional yearbook poses, 25-30 images, two clothing changes, two different backgrounds, (Cap & Gown) plus you select your yearbook pose and yearbook retouching is FREE. Be sure to book on-line now!

Yearbook Only Sitting $15, "must call to schedule appointment" 5 poses, one outfit, you get to choose your yearbook image. No retouching included, however you may purchase retouching. This is an in studio session only.

Personality Outdoor & In-studio Sitting $69, our largest session includes 40 contemporary and traditional poses, 10 yearbook outfit poses in studio, three personal outfits changes, plus the Classical Academy Cap & gown. Be sure to bring a prop to personalize your session. The outdoor session may require another date and time at a location within 10 miles of studio. Lastly, before you leave you will need to select your yearbook pose, and yearbook retouching is FREE. Ask about how to split your session. Call or book your sitting online.

Next step, Under the High School tab, select the Senior Sitting On-line Appointments or access it here: Book Now and set your own appointment. You may also call our office 760-688-8478 to reserve your time. This is an exciting time for you, so be sure to allow enough time for your sitting, to view your images and select your yearbook pose. It would also be helpful to have a parent come along so you can take advantage of the discounts available at that time.

Dress code: Men - dress shirt with a collar, tie & coat optional. Ladies - nice dress or long sleeve blouse that covers your shoulders, no spaghetti straps or low cut tops.

Studio located: 1930 Watson Way Unit I, Vista, CA. 92081 just south of the 78 off Sycamore (exit 9) Studio Hours by appointment only.

Senior Studio phone number 760-688-8478. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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San Pasqual High School



Rehm Photography will be photographing each student at San Pasqual High School during school registration the week of July 27-30th. Parents and families will have the opportunity to purchase school portraits during the registration process.

These images will be for the SPHS yearbook and school identification cards, so be sure to look your best! The senior class will be photographed for their ID Cards only, and have their yearbook images taken by the contracted yearbook photographer.

Below are the packages and pricing selections for your considerations...Picture Day envelopes will be available at the school for payment. Portraits will be mailed to each home 4-6 weeks from the last make-up day on September 3rd.




Contents  (reminder all packages will be shipped to your home not the school)



2 - 8x10s, 2 - 5x7s, 4 – 3.5x5s, 16 – 2.5x3.5 large wallets



1 - 8x10, 4 - 5x7s, 2 – 3.5x5s, 12 – 2.5x3.5 large wallets



1 - 8x10, 2- 5x7s, 12 – 2.5x3.5 large wallets



2 - 5x7s, 2 – 3.5x5s, 8 – 2.5x3.5s, 8 - 1.75x2.5 mini wallets



1 - 5x7, 2 – 3.5x5s, 8 – 2.5x3.5 large wallets



1 – 5x7, 4 – 2.5x3.5s



CD-Rom of image ready file for printing up to 8x10

ALL ORDERS WILL BE MAILED TO YOUR HOME, please allows 4-5 weeks for delivery. With all orders we will require you to complete the Picture Day envelope at the school with your name, mailing address, city, zip, phone and e-mail, please print legibly so there are no errors.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office using the Customer Service tab.

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